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Around 2:30 I thought I'd try and pay Uncle Nemesis a visit...

Most surprised the car started first time. However battery light wouldn't go off. I waited, and waited. "Arse!" thought Pooh "the battery is buggered".

So I waited a little longer until the radio went off... just to be sure. Yeah the cold weather and lack of use had done for it.

Tried calling everyone who may like me enough to give me a lift to get new battery... No one answers...

So I got the bike out... Two flat tyres "Oh for crying out loud!" Exclaimed Pooh. half an hour hunt for the pump.

Quick trip up to Halfords.

Came home with new battery duct taped to the back of the bike. Another half an hour hunt for my socket set. Neil calls and as I walk into the living room to answer the phone I spot the socket set on top of a dead PC.

Much knuckle scrapping later, car starts and makes me sweat a while before turning out the warning light. Phew!

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