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I'm awake.

All the fun of sleepless nigths and sleep filled days no longer appeals as much as it did in my miss spent youth. Right now I want to go to sleep... "Fat chance!" said Pooh.

I crashed out around 7pm and woke-up around midnight. Called Ari, then Cooked a veggie stir fry while listening to the shipping forecast... I've missed the shipping forecast while I've been in Texas... I may have to put some recordings of it on my mp3 player next time I go away, just for comfort sake, come to think of it I've missed a few things about dear old Blighty.

Tomorrow I need to be up early to pick up Moses... I need to be up even earlier to go and get him some posh cat food to try and get him to forgive me.

I also need to go for a long ride on my bike. Today's little sorti to the "stuff to fix you car" place made me realise I'm more than a little out of condition... A few years ago I was cycling to and from my parent's place no problem (26 miles round trip)... Today left me feeling a little wobbly. Admittedly I did have a whacking great battery strapped to the bike and a battery charger on my back... but all the same, some work on the Rimmell body needs to be done.

In other news..

I do have a few things to look forward to.

Computer fair next Saturday.

There are a few talks at Treadwells I've booked for.

And Roger Moore is coming to stay soon.

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