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Strange day...

Had to wake up horribly early to phone garage to book my dad's car in for MOT and mine to find out why the electrics are going buzz. Can't get 'em done until Wednesday :-(

Tried to get back to sleep but Noah (black & white cat) jumped all over me whilst wearing hobnail boots (at least that's what it felt like).

Went round to see Christina for a quick coffee and then dropped into supermarket for essential supplies (beer).

This evening visited R.J. for veg burgers, chips and beer (healthy fair) and a Vincent Price film... The Raven wow! what a cast Vincent Price Peter Lorre Boris Karloff and a very young Jack Nicholson. I had forgotten how funny this film is.

Then home with all the lights in my dashboard flashing at random... Think I'll get the train to Apop... Not looking forward to going by train. I have a feeling of impending doom when I have to take the train at night. I wonder what it will be this time: 3 hour delay, 400 football fans, midget with a knife.... Nah surely it will be some new and hither to unexperienced adventure.

Hope I survive to write about it this time tomorrow.

Arrangements for our Apop trip seem a little wooly at the moment and at best involve Dave meeting another Dave to get ticket but where and when hasn't been decided yet... Oh and the added complication of meeting up with Philippa somewhere along the line too... Hmmm I feel it all falling apart and I'm going to miss the first bands.

Did manage to move a desk and bookshelves out of living room today... Can't wait to start painting.

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