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Certainly packed in few things yesterday.

Angel arrive after a few false starts due to cold weather. Went to cafe for slap-up breakfast then crashed out all afternoon. Got up, got ready and very optimistically headed up to London. Train, remarkably, arrived on time. Wandered around Virgin in Oxford Street, marveled at all the things they didn't have, you have to be pretty mainstream to get your tunes into Virgin these days it seems.

Headed off for Chinese. Then Forbidden Planet, which having moved is looking very Sci fi tat r us. Angel found plenty to buy, I nearly got a magazine.

Then to pub. They are still putting my favourite beer in the fridge! Read the F*#^ing label. They seem to work on the premise "it's in a bottle, it goes on the fridge." Must check to see where they keep the red wine.

Well despite it being a social occasion Angel and I found time to talk and the up shot of this talk was... We seem to have drifted apart, we want different things out of life, and we should call it a day relationship wise. So in a very grown up way we've split. She headed off home this morning, leaving me to bury my head into the decorating and not think too much about all this.

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