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Woke up at 9 this morning, dozed to the sound of John Peel on radio 4. Got up much later phoned mum. Every day she get further away from the last chemo session she seems a little better, only trouble is each day takes her a little closer to the next session. Good news is the next session will be number 6 of 6, then scan, then results then...?

Went over to see mum & dad a little later. Car seems water tight now. Got blown all over the road on the M3, God knows what it's like trying to keep a high sided truck in one lane in that wind.

Picked up more paint for hall. Totally not surprised that the paint I had to specially order has been put out for sale in shop, thankfully they hadn't got around to selling it and by doing so making me wait another week. Went over to see Uncle Nemesis, he's cleared his garden of rubbish and piled it into a skip. Did you know it was hiring I skip that gave me M.E.? Long story you don't want to know. But it was during the same sort of weather we're having right now. Anyway had coffee with the great Unx and looked longingly at the big box of Goff demo tapes he has in his front room, Ooooo! There's some blackmail material there. Strangely there was a letter at Nemesis towers for Dave Morrision (his girlfriend used to live there). So leaving Unx, to start clearing the alley that runs up the side and around his garden, I head off to see Dave and Lee Anne. Car still water tight.

Lee Anne's washing parrot cage whilst trying to stop parrot destroying flat. I think the parrot is getting all excited because on the TV there's a show called "I'm A Dickhead Leave Me In The Jungle". Is that Johnny Rotten's dad? Apparently next week viewers can ring a number and they will all get eaten by crocodiles... COOL! Oh that's the dickheads who get eaten, not the viewers. Well I can dream. Dave's letter turns out to be junk mail.

Fast forward a little and I'm home, I cook (steamed veg and a soya milk source type thing). Try ringing a few people, no answer, voice mail, cut off, moved. Open a bottle of wine, watch High Fidelity.

All time top 5 films about breaking-up? High Fidelity doesn't count as they get back together and presumably live happily ever after.

Checked email. Unx brings me up to date on the clearing of his back passage.

This is what he has found up his back passage so far:

2 beds

1 television

1 swivel chair

1 toaster

1 breadmaker

3 kitchen knives

200-odd nails and screws

20-odd 12" dance singles

2 car wheels

1 shopping trolley

3 printed circuit boards

1 wardrobe (fragments of)

6 bundles of the Hounslow & Chiswick Informer from 1998

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