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Splendid day yesterday.

I got my readers card renewed at the BL.

I had a good wander around London.

A pint at The Lyceum Tavern... They've taken the Edwardian theatrical photographs down from the booths :-(

Dropped in at Murder One but couldn't find the Arthur Morrison book I was looking for.

Later a coffee or two with Christina at Treadwells. I even got to sit in the hot seat a Treadwells and ended up serving someone while Christina was being interviewed for a TV show. My moment of power didn't go to my head, but the temptation to start spouting forth in a Bernard Black like way was almost overpowering.

Pretty soon the shop started filling up with people attending Cecile's talk. The wine flowed, and we moved into the basement to hear all about Dangerous Books, Hidden Knowledge and Demons in Vellum. Well more about the attitudes of libraries that hold such items. The talk was based on Cecile Dubuis' MA thesis, I really think Cecile should approach a publisher or two with a view to getting this expanded into a book. Cecile really is a most excellent speaker, she clearly loves her subject and delighted the audience.

I must say I am very tempted to visit some of the more accommodating libraries Cecile mentioned... Not for necessarily for occult literature. I am intrigued by the London Library (it's been recommended to me before) OK it's expensive to join, £210.00 per year or there's a sliding scale life membership (at the risk of giving my age away I would have to pay £6300... OK forget that) but I spend more than £210 a year on books anyway. And it would be somewhere else to hang my coat in London during the day. Hmm... I may try an exploratory reference ticket and see what I think.

I really must get on with my day. Lots to do before Mr Moore'a appearance tomorrow. I am meeting my Uncle for lunch tomorrow as well so everything has to be done today... Hmmm... Just time to pop out for a bite of lunch at the cafe then ;-)

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