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Weekend feels as if it's over...

Roger (RJ) just hit the road. 'twas good to have some company over the last 3 days. I hope my stress about dead PCs didn't spill over too much into events.

Thursday was beers at the Blue Posts with some of my favorite people in London (or anywhere for that matter). Only just noticed from a post somewhere elsewhere it was Colin's birthday... So Happy (belated) Birthday.

Friday started with a big breakfast at the local greasy spoon... I haven't a clue what happened later... Beer and films I think.

Saturday mercy dash to the computer fair for new HDD. Then beers with Dr Alan. Good to catch up with him.

Last night was pretty much ruined by the whole "trying to get the PC working again" fiasco. Long story involving (among many other things) corrupted bootdisks, loose IDE cables, and a lot of foul language... Don't ever get me started on Maxblast and "batch files nested too deep". Thankfully I had another working PC otherwise the recovery just wouldn't have happened. It looks as if most of the data on the old HDD is OK. It's just XP seems to have tied it's self in knots so it won't boot. Frankly I've found it's not worth trying to fathom what's wrong and just do a clean install... It's also a good way of doing a spring clean of all the crap that has amassed. I think this last install has broken my my record... it's been more or less stable for 2 years. Windows 95 and 98 would need (on average) a reinstall every 6 months... But I do really flog my systems to death.

Sunday morning RJ and I hit the cafe and sat there being miserable old gits moaning about how crap TV is... I guess we are too old to appreciate the finer points of Big Brother, Eastenders, Deal or No Deal, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire...

I spoke to an auction company on Friday about selling some of my dad's collection... I need to sort through it all and decide what I'm keeping and what is going to be sold. I also feel I should photograph it and catalogue it all, all be it roughly, just for my own records so I know what I'm giving them. Felt very odd talking about selling it all in one go, really feels wrong but I can't store it and it is mine now I guess.

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