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I didn't sleep too well last night... Got off to sleep around 4am I guess.

I had my first ever dream where I was reading Live Journal. Although it was written in chalk on the road but some how just by act of will I could make it scroll down. In one of these chalk posts on the road, Uncle Nemesis was bemoaning the lack of a sequel to Jackie Askew's SunDown SunRise and the general lack of vampire literature around Christmas. Jackie was posting back explaining various reasons for there not being a sequel.

At some point I was talking to my dad (back from the dead again in my dreams)... I was trying to read him something I had written from a side to side scrolling screen. But it was going to fast and I had to keep resetting it. He was getting bored hearing me keep starting over and we ended up having an argument. I was thinking "I can't believe this he's back, for God knows how short a time and I'm shouting at him".

Then some fool started drilling in the kitchen next door and I woke up. Isn't it strange how early morning drilling always stops the moment its got you awake and out of bed? When up stairs was having work done they would kick off at 8am with a bit of drilling... then hardly a sound for the rest of the day.

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