Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Couldn't sleep last night. Read till dawn, slept till midday.

Went over to see Unx and Bunny. Arrived just in time to bump into Bunny heading off to do the laundry. Unx has cleared the alleyway of other people's rubbish, I just hope he's up to date with his anti-tetanus jabs.

Think I may be going up to Leeds with Unx in April. He seems keen I should tag along anyway.

Came home and tried to get on with painting the hall. Took a couple of doors off and started painting very carefully around the door frame of the vinyl cupboard, really can't be bothered moving all the records out and back again. Seem to have got away with it so far, no blobs of undercoat on the R to T section. Will probably have to move the vinyl as I have to rub down between coats. Too knackered to do any more.

Took a few photos for my documentation of the flat transformation. Just had an apple for lunch, I'm on a fruit, veg and wine diet right now. May lay off the wine tonight.

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