Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Attack of The Dreaded Fluff Bunnies

I think I've found the problem with my main PC. Even though it's got a fine new HDD in it and freshly installed Win-d'oh-s, it is still bluescreening more often than a 1970s Soho cinema. So There I was poking around looking at the motherboard setup and notice the CPU temperature creeping up and up... Hmmm time to switch off. Stick my finger in the top of the fan (a "CoolerMaster Jet" for those who care about such things) and it feels very fluffy.

I'm all out of canned air so can... "Hrumph" said Pooh.

I've sorted out other people's PCs by pulling clumps of cat hair and carpet out of the back and low and behold it stops bluescreening. Looking in side my PC I think it needs taking outside and having a hurricane blow through it.

Well if this is the problem I'm happy... But I usually find it's never just one thing with computers.

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