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Brown Envelopes of Doom

This morning's post included four 40mm fans, one fan adapter (80mm - 60mm), a tube of Hi-performance Silver Thermal Heatsink Compound... and an ominous looking brown envelope with a window...

I am not a big fan of "ominous looking brown envelopes with windows"... They tend to contain nonsense from government departments. And I still haven't heard back from a certain department who I may or may not owe money to, they can't make up their minds and can't get the dates right, so I opened this letter with some trepidation... Thankfully this form was from the council just checking I live on my own... Should I mention Moses?

I am rather looking forward to using the fan adapter... I'm going to be doing a few air flow experiments with various fans. Results here as soon as I've built the equipment...

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