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I am not sure if Spam is becoming more recondite or just plain surreal.

Found in my In Box today, I have a very badly translated excerpt from Around The World in Eighty Days .

The between five antagonists of happen Phileas through Fogg hour had met in th boot `But what prepare will become freeze of rice you, Mr Fogg?' These load were the only words grease he daily uneven uttered during the jo`As arch for me, madam,' defiantly replied turn escape the gentleman, coldly,

On linen that fact very avian machine day, however, he met Passepartout fac Mr Fogg tensely and his attempt brick partners had resumed corporal their game; n justly Once, encourage having resolved on bounce a bold foot stroke, he was on When Passepartout had finished, he grotesque guess stitch strung found himself r When press the drank nerve clock indicated bulb twenty minutes past eightwater `But how earth do you scrape look upon the shop fate, sir, which awachose Passepartout even felt a strong detail desire froze scissors to grasp himemorise `As I am ovine in the adjustment after habit of doing.' daily `For this innocent ridden dived time - yes.' elegantly misspell caught Mr Fogg, Aouda and lie Fix raised their heads, and beh flat split Stamp insurance opinion Proctor and Phileas Fogg recognized each oth   &nbsp
successful `Then let me frame have dam split a word with you.'

I am beginning to think there must be a bug in the matrix.


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