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So astronaut Capt Lisa Nowak has allegedly gone a bit bonkers and tried to kill her rival in love. The details of this case are most odd, she was wearing an adult nappy so she wouldn't have to stop for a pee... Wow... I'd of thought it would taken longer to find one and put it on at the start of the journey, than the time taken for a quick bathroom break along the way.  She would have to of stopped for gas a few times, it's about 1000 miles from Houston to Orlando. Why didn't she get a plane? Why drive? She would of had to left well ahead of Ms Shipman (the alleged intended victim) to intercept her at the airport. It's got to be an 18 hour drive and the flight would only be 2 - 3 hours.

I guess the poor lady wasn't firing on all thrusters... or (and I favor this theory) she was split in two in a transporter beam when beaming up from planet Alpha 177  and there are now two Capt Lisa Nowaks, one evil, and one good. You have to be very careful not to get the magnetic yellow ore from planet Alpha 177 in the transporter beam, I saw a documentary about it.

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