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"Post Your Blog in the Third Person" Day.

Mark sat and sipped his coffee, he was sitting in a bright modern cafe. The cafe was one of his usual afternoon haunts, even thought he thought it too bright and too modern . The cafe was unusually, and in Mark's opinion pleasantly, quiet. His coffee had arrived long after his meal, he tried not to let this oversight bother him. What did bother him however, was the approaching waitress. She was clearly going to speak to him. "I sorry" she chirped "but can I ask you something?" Mark could feel himself tensing as, in the split second before the waitress would continue, the thought 'this is going to be personal and intrusive' crossed his mind. He tried to hide his perturbation as his worst fears were confirmed when the waitress continued "is your coffee OK? Because we just cleaned the machine". Mark looked at his coffee, it seemed OK but he didn't really want to impart such personal information. It was his coffee and he wanted to keep the experience, good or bad, to himself. He swallowed hard, realising it was essential that he appeared as normal as possible "Err... it's fine" he managed, inwardly willing the waitress to leave him alone. His reply seemed to satisfy her and she returned to the counter. Mark watched her go and then returned his attention to his coffee. He took another sip, this time more cautiously. He tried to analyse for the presence of cleaning products with his taste buds, he could discern nothing but strong coffee so he swallowed.

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