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Mildly hungover from last night. It was part 3 of the Lovecraft talks at Treadwells and I may have had a drop to drink on an empty stomach.

Woke-up at 7 am this morning, drank several pints of water and went for a walk. Came back and read while I waited for Neil to wake up. He surfaced from the spare-room around 8:30 and we headed for my favorite hangover cafe.

I not sure if I have a cold coming on or if it's the dust from sorting all this stuff I'm selling. I could be just the hangover.

Neil's been helping me unpack, catalogue, photograph then repack stuff before it goes off for auction. It's taking ages but it's a lot quicker than ebay and from the look of the company's website I should get some better prices than ebay. In two days we managed to do 11 boxes, I think there are about 9 more to do. Hmmm working on my own I don't think I'll manage to do more than 2 or 3 a day...

Came home from cafe feeling slightly better for a greasy breakfast. Helped Neil pack his car and waved him off. Picked up my suit from the cleaners, for funeral at 1:30 today :-(

Right now I could happily go back to sleep... I feel soooo grim.

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