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Feeling a bit better. Spoke to Angel tonight and that helped.
Not appropriate to talk about that here, so I'll waffle on about mundane stuff.

Autoglass man hasn't phoned back... Wasn't that optimistic to be honest, put it down to the good old British "can't do" attitude. I'll be phoning them for days, I just know it.

Got many and varied tasks to do tomorrow:

1. Take old and obsolete phone hardware to postoffice to send back to BT.
2. Move 8 shelves of vinyl from the hall.
3. Start rubbing down first coats of varnish and undercoat in hall.
4. Go shopping for food.
5. Ring Autoglass (many, many times).
6. Clear up tools.
7. Clear up living room.
8. Do washing and put pile of clean clothes away.

Ummm.... I'm sure there's loads more to do. Wish there was a pressing need to go down the pub, that'll have to wait until Saturday when I'm seeing Paul. Maybe I'll find out what he's doing back in the country and why he's being so vague about it. Come on Paul you read this, what are yer doing back in London? ;-)

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