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I was up bright and early to go to the building society this morning. I now have an offer of a further advance and it doesn't add too much to my repayments...So long as the Bank of England don't go "interest increase crazy" in the next few years.

I decided not to wear my top hat, probably just as well because no one at the building society was wearing formal attire... neither did I see a hatstand, so that was an awkward moment avoided.

I had a nice surprise when I checked my email earlier. Demetra popped up out of the blue asking if I wanted to meet up next week.

Today I need to carry on with the cataloging and packing... Can't move in the kitchen for boxes, tissue paper, and bubble wrap. Quite frankly I'd rather sit in the coffee shop and read a book. At least I can see an end to all this now.

I also need to do some work on what was my main PC, it's now in more bits than the former USSR. All the new parts are here but I have to strip it right down to make some modifications to the case.

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