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Roger stopped over last night. We did beers at the White Swan and later a curry.

I woke up around 4 am then couldn't get back to sleep. Read until 7am then got up and made coffee. R.J. surfaced from the spare room a little later.

We headed off to the computer fairs, via Sky 2 cafe for breakfast.. also met James and ian_wyrdness there.

I got a new 260Gb HDD for the fair and less the half of the components I needed from Maplin... Guess I'll have to order them on-line. We ended up in The Museum Tavern for a quick pint and then headed off in our respective directions. R.J. and I headed off to treadwells, so I could check if I really had booked for Zachary Cox... I had.. Phew!

Came home and really started to feel the effects of only four hours sleep. R.J. headed off to meet some other friends and I headed off to bed for two hours.

I was woken by someone trying to deliver Chinese food. He wasn't going to give up so eventually I got up and answered the door. Usually it's a pizza delivery for a house right at the other end of my road. They mistake my flat number for the road number. This time he was looking for a completely different block of flats, that's in an entirely different road. I don't know what it is about my block but the temporary postman delivered next doors post to me today and I regularly get duplicate junk mail put through the letter box and left on the back step.

Nora phoned later... I now have George's email address... and all seems OK down in Devon. If you're reading this Nora I want to come and visit soon.

Later tried to phone Ari but my phone's been off the cradle for a few days and was as flat as a pancake in the battery department.

Still now news from the auction company. I will phone next week.

I am not sure if R.J.'s coming back tomorrow... but I believe Uncle Nemesis is going to pop round with some work for me.

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