Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Got a pile of post this morning. Won a top thing on ebay... It was in a plastic bag, damp, and stank of stale cigaret smoke. Now it was only £3 and I'm going to cut it up for a costume type thing... BUT YUCK! and POO! They could have at least washed it. It's currently having the wash of it's life. I think I will email the seller and let them know my displeasure.

The list of doom continues to shrink.

Spoke briefly to Dave Morrison this morning... He was still rhapsodizing on how he got...TO MEET JOHN BLOODY MALKOVICH ON THE SET OF HIS NEW FILM YESTERDAY! You lucky git!

Dave isn't feeling so bouncy today as he's just hat a wisdom tooth pulled... Hope you're feeling better soon Dave.
You're still a lucky git though.

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