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I managed to get up after only 4 hours sleep. Phoned the building society, I have a 9:30am meeting tomorrow.

Then started doing this...

This is someones idea of a fan grill. All it seems to do is cause a load of turbulence. What I need is air flow.

Look at those tiny holes! Way too small to let air in.
Let's start drilling.

That hole needs to be made bigger with a step bit.

A little 3 in One makes your bits last longer.

Now just bolt the two halves of the punch together through the hole...
...and tighten.

I took off the sleeve part way through cutting to show the cutting head.

Out it pops clean as a whistle...
Well apart from the oil and swarf (I said there may be swarf)

Now I have a dilema. Do I wash down the case and start to re asemble or do I drill out all the rivits and really give it a good clean then spray it black inside and out? I really want to strip it right down and spray paint it.. However I have no idea where my riviter is to put it back together and it's going to take a few days to clean all the parts and spray several coats of paint.

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