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Well the wine before bedtime didn't work. I just woke-up 4 hours later with a headache. Not sure what time I went back to sleep after 6am I think.

Today... Got up incredibly late but at least I got more than 4 hours sleep in one go.

Went to the post office sent a CD to Dr Paul, and a DVD to Roger Moore.

Had brunch in the cafe and read all the paperwork I got from the financial adviser yesterday. Made a few decisions, wrote them down, did a few calculations, crossed out previous decisions and made some new ones... Did more calculations, started to get a headache, gave up and read report on Mr Brown's budget... Headache got worse.

Came home checked email... Auction company want to pick up boxes on Saturday morning. I replied with an "OK" and sent them a map... because with the exceptions of The Royal Mail and Parcel Farce, delivery drivers can never find my place.

Decided to relax by cutting a big hole in sheet steel... More on that in next post.

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