Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The main job of the day done (call bank and arrange meeting to sign loads of forms) my mind wondered on to more interesting problems. I want a new keyboard for the next PC I am thinking of building. Trouble is no company make the type of keyboard I want (I'd soon go off the idea if it was available on ebay). So I was researching keyboard matrices and pondering if I could make my own on veroboard or make some sort of wiring loom. I have in mind to use nice sprung monetary switches with a "click". The humble PC keyboard is more complicated than you would think. I have a vague idea how it works, each key pressed completes a circuit on an X Y matrix and a controller translates this into standard info to send to the PC via USB or PS2 plug. Fine but I am guessing the controllers aren't standard, OK the output must conform to a standard but the matrix could be different for each manufacturer. Seems I need a keyboard to pull apart Which ever one I intend to use the controller out of I guess.

Luckily as I was contemplating all this bird_mad_girl phoned and invited me down the pub with her and dave_morrison for lunch, thus saving my already fragile sanity for another day.

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