Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Silver Machine now has new windscreen... At least it's 3rd it seems. Autoglass man wasn't too impressed with the way the old one had been fitted either. Probably a good job I got replaced. There are a few bits missing I have to get from a Rover dealer, but easily fitted. Now if one wheel trim costs £25 how much for 2 screw covers? £10ish?

Been taking it easy today, I've done some web site updating. Also decided to clean the kitchen and repair chipped worktop. I seem to have got the worst floor tiles for keeping clean. So tempted to rip them up and get new floor laid... Must resist the urge until I've finished every other job on the list.

Off to see Dave and Lee Anne tonight.

Looks like I'll be giving piercedandproud some L.J. lessons. I'm so crap at teaching.

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