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Other Drivers... They're out to get me.

I was on my way to see dave_morrison this lunch time, with a couple of stops along the way to get food, drop of recycling...

Got to the St. Margarets roundabout o the A316... Lady in front of me stops (at a green light) I narrowly miss running into the back of her... Then people behind me start hooting, because they don't see why they should be stopped at a green light. I don't hoot people in this sort of situation... 1. because they may be able to see an obstruction I can't see and 2. because if they are a nervous driver you're only going to make them more flustered and they'll stall the car and you'll be stuck there a whole lot longer. Well she realised she was at a green light tried to pull away then stalled. Started again in gear lurched forward, then stalled again... all to a chorus of car horns behind me. Eventually she goes, however the lights are now red and she swerves around 3 cars to the sound of even more hooting... Normally I wouldn't blog an incident like this because I see stuff like this every day... but this occasion there is more....

Further down the road I catch up with her at the next set of lights... She is in the right hand lane signaling right. I wasn't going to be taken in by such an obvious ploy... So when the lights change to green I pull away with added caution... Yeah she starts drifting left into to the middle lane, and almost into the side of my car, while still signaling right. Again I normally I wouldn't blog an incident like this because I see stuff like this every day... but this occasion there is more....

Much further up the road I pull into Sainsbury's car park... and I meet her again! This time heading towards me the wrong way up a one way section, flashing her headlights and waving her arms around in an attempt to communicate that she felt I was on the wrong side of the road.

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