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Got back for Dave and Lee Anne's last night full of fine food and coffee... Just a little too much coffee I think, but we'll come to that.

'Twas a good night, Rhubarb kept us entertained with his Dead Ringers style impressions of Dave, Lee Anne, and TV favs. Ghost Hunter Dave explained how IT was all a big conspiracy, I'm never saying the words ("Bush, "Blair", "overthrow" or even the phrase "pineapple chunks and cheese on a stick" on the phone again. Apparently THEY are listening in so watch what you say.

Got home and tried to sleep... No chance with so much caffeine coursing through my system.

Watch a few things I'd taped off the telly and kept one eye on the PC as it rendered a test bit of video for DVD authoring test.

Pretty soon it was 6:30 am and time to head off to parent's to take 'em shopping and also to take mum to hospital for latest scan.

I think by the time we got to the hospital this afternoon I was 30 hours no sleep... Had a chat with a chap who had had Hodgkin's disease and come through the other side OK. Nice guy.

In the scanner waiting room is a photograph of a little girl about 10 I guess, the sort of school photo we all have or our parents still keep for us. Under the photo is a brass plate, with her name, Sarah Brown. The scanner was provided by a fund set up in her name. I don't know how to put what I was thinking looking at Sarah's photo, just one mega "What's it all about" moments.

We get the results of my mum's scan next Thursday. Has the latest session of chemotherapy produced any results? It's going to be a long week.

Going to see Paul tomorrow... I think, Paul if you're reading this ring and confirm. You know what happens if you leave me in the Museum Tavern on my own... I pick up all sorts of nutters ;-)

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