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Saturday morning up early and try desperately to get myself into gear. Stagger up to the sorting office to pick up parcels. One hubcap for Uncle Nemesis and a very nice Victorian book of seaside prints (present from Angel). Go home have coffee and head off to station.

Huge queue a station... But I count heads and figure there's 10 minutes till train so this won't be a problem... Wrong! I didn't count on the befuddled old lady factor. The time ticks by and I see train rolling into station. I leave queue and try (an act of foolish optimism) the machine, money goes in money comes back out, money goes in money comes back out, money goes in money comes back out. I give up the train has left and I'm now further back in the queue. Befuddled old lady comes back to ticket office and thinks that once she's got a ticket she can just ignore queue and ask which platform she needs... I give up, there is at least one more Befuddled old lady in the queue, this could take all day. Take the bus to the next station. Where there's another befuddled old lady. Eventually get train, and it's only going to Clapham Junction and we'll have to change there for Waterloo. Event's are conspiring to make me take the car.

Eventually get to computer fair and stock up on bits. Then go for coffee. Wear glasses for first time in public as I read in cafe, much to my surprise no one points and laughs. Catch sight of myself in mirror... I look like a befuddled old gentleman.

Still had over an hour before I'm meeting Paul so go for wonder around the British Museum. Look at bronze daggers, swords... Looking for inspiration, fancy making a new bronze age item... Haven't fired up the furnace for a while.

Go to pub... assumed Paul was going to be with Alan so looked round for two people. Walk right past Paul and sit down the far end of the bar. Much to Paul's amusement. Now I'm acting like a befuddled old gentleman. Eventually I work out, Paul's looking right at me wondering what I'm doing.

Had good chat with Paul and found out what he's doing back in Blighty. Although I can't quite grasp the logic behind his reasons. It was good to see him, must get out to see him in the US soon. The afternoon went too quickly and I was soon having to head home.

Saturday night I find myself having major headaches with a virus on newly installed Win-d'oh-s XP. Die virus die. If I ever meet anyone who boasts about writing viruses I'm gonna deck the little git. This is a cleaver little virus which knocks out the antivirus software. Eventually sort things out by 3 am and leave virus scanner to check I haven't missed anything.

Sunday, get up check PC... Virus free! :-)

angel_d rings and we chat.

I go over to see Uncle Nemesis and take his hubcap. Bloody hell! Uncle Nemesis's house is freezing. Bunny is in bed with a cold. Unx is in the garden which looks much bigger now he's removed the old cooker, smashed up bikes, concrete... It seems Unx is thinking of taking my advice and moving his Mini restoration project to his mum's place and doing it under a temporary awning on the drive... His mum's gonna kill me.

Come home and do some more video work, clear up kitchen, empty cupboards and generally blitz the area with detergent. the great thing about long rendering times is you get time to get on with other stuff.

Spoke to mum on phone she's come out in a rash. Could be reaction to the iodine used in scan on Friday. One more thing to worry about, but at least she's off to the Dr tomorrow.

Unx turned up later to pinch some nails off me. His new shed frontage to the old air raid shelter seems to be a very nail hungry project. I open a bottle of wine and Unx pours a glass or two over himself. We chat and ghosip about the Goff Scene and how we could do a much better job of gig promoters than *****. I'll get Unx back into promoting yet. Unx wabbled off into the night.

angel_d rang soon after. Had long chat. Seems she's got herself a pew. Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks.

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