Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Steam Engine

I ordered some parts for my steam engine last night, from a company in Ohio. Having them delivered to Ari and I'll pick them up in July. Tried to freak Ari out by asking if she had room in her garage for some steam engine parts. She wasn't too phased and said she'd make room. She even sounded disappointed when I told her the parts would fit in her mail box.

Strangely despite the fact that these parts are made in Germany, they are cheaper in the USA.

So the plan is to have a Steam engine powering the cooling system on my steampunk PC. I did the maths and it won't generate enough power to run the whole PC*. But never expected it to have that much power anyway and this is only the test engine to try out a few things.. like being able to regulate the engine from the PC should be easy with a USB Input Output Interface Board, a controller card, and stepper motors. Call me a "kid" but I love the idea of clicking the mouse and the whistle on the steam engine blowing, or keying in "11" and the engine speeding up. Thinking about it, if I wanted to get really ambitious I could link the regulator to a temperature sensors and the engine could increase the fan speed as the temp rises.

*Guesstimated it by scaling down for the figures I found for a single cylinder double acting reciprocating model steam engine. Bore 19.05 mm, Stroke 19.05 mm. Nominal power output 3.3 watts at 1200 rpm.

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