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Met the chaps for breakfast.

James had to do help desk stuff on the phone in the cafe. Lord knows what the staff thought :-)

I got another HDD at the computer fair. I now have over 800Gbytes in my back up PC. I remember when I thought a few 100mb zip disks* were the end of all my storage problems.

Came home stuck a bottle of pop in the freezer to quickly cool it. Tried calling Ari before I crashed out, checked email, called Roger Moore**, crashed out. Woke up, remembered pop in freezer (yup frozen so solid you could knock a wall down with it) Turned on TV... Grrrrr... No Doctor Who, turned off TV. Came into spare room to format new HDD.

*Good lord! You can still buy Zip Disks! I may have to install Windows 98 on a machine some time and see what I have on those disks.
**I do wish Mr Moore wasn't so accurate with his "you know what's wrong with your life?" talks.

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