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OK I know there are worse things in the world but I treat this as an intrusion into my home...

 More silent calls from various 0870 numbers. Even though I am registered with the TPS.

So I went to the and found I can register with Silent Callgard, ironically by calling an 0870 number however I also found their Website where one can register for free. Strangely the registration only lasts for a year and then you have to re register... Presumably this is to give people a chance to come to their senses and in a years time embrace all the advantages that random calls, with no one at the other end of the line, bring.

BT seem to believe these silent calls are "... generated by automatic dialling equipment in call centres, where more calls are made than there are operators available to take the calls." Yeah right.... so it's not a scam to get people to call back and just make money from the 0870 while they are on hold?

I've never really understood  telemarketing.Do people who want double-glazing really wait by the phone until some company calls them?

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