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Quick up date...

Went to see Sunshine yesterday afternoon, it was OKish  But usual bad movie science, especially irritating airlock scene when the gravity seems to get switched on as it pressurises Huh?   ...Left me wanting to watch Darkstar, Solyaris, and 2001 again.

Met Dr Alan for beers at the Museum Tavern , then curry, then back to the Museum Tav for a couple of Scotches before heading home.

This morning I had to get my eyes tested... Probably not a good idea after the night before... Also had to order a new tumble dryer for the tenants.

Came home to find Neil working on my garden so I had to update his Website for him...

He's been busy recently and wanted to add a few more bronze swords to his "Swords for Sale" page. I am particularly taken with the...

Khopesh Middle Bronze Age, Canaanite "sickle- sword "

I want one polished up with
Lapis lazuli inlay on the handgrip.

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