Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Took mum to hospital for results of last weeks scan.
Seems the chemo hasn't done any good. Much to her relief the doctor said there was little point in continuing with chemo as it's down sides now out weighed and benefits. What happens now? Wait and see I guess. At least she won't be feeling crap form the chemotherapy.

Drove her back and I crashed out exhausted. Got up for lunch then gave parents lesson in new VCR.
Went to bank to pay in large amount of change I've been saving... I do believe the bank has made a mistake in my favour... Not the first time either. I won't be pointing it out this time as the last time I tried to be honest it caused all sorts of confusion, they seemed to think I was trying to pull a fast one that time. So if they can't work it out for themselves, I'm keeping the moolah.

Came home, flat looks like a bombs gone off. Tools everywhere, bike in the way, kitchen a mess. It was fine the other day???

Uncle Nemesis came over last night to help me put the hall lights up. And very nice I think they look too.

Tomorrow's plan of action... wash down last bit of paint work, go the Rover dealer and see about getting the bits the guy from Autoglass says "the last bloke who put a new windscreen in my car damaged or lost".

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