Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Went over to see piercedandproud. Had coffee, and first cheese Sandwich in ages... MMMMM.... It's good to be bad.

Came home via DIY store picked up paint for hall, I'm finally going to get to paint it :-)

Ran in to the dreaded school run heading home. Round my way it all seems to be 4 wheel drives with mums on Diazepam at the wheel. (I have other stories about this) Huge truck like thing with drugged up driver and one kid sitting in the back... She stops to let me out, flashes, waves me out... I sit there waiting for a motorcycle to go past first, she starts to change lanes I hoot and point at motorcyclist, she sticks one finger up at me. Motorcyclist hoots and swerves around drugged up woman in ridiculously large 4 wheel drive. All this happens in about 4 seconds. She sits there holding her chest, suddenly realising how narrowly she missed killing someone. I catch up with Motorcyclist at lights he gives me big grin and thumbs up. I remember why I didn't get another motorcycle... Then why do I try and cycle in this madness? I'm probably more at risk on a bicycle.

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