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Olympic logo

Can't help wonder what Cayce (the central character in Pattern Recognition By William Gibson) would of made of this Logo. In the novel Cayce suffers from a condition that makes her ill on seeing logos... The more impact the logo, the better the logo, the worse she feels. She uses this to her advantage and become a free lance consultant specialising in logos... The better the logo is for marketing the worse she feels.

I imagine the the scene.

Cayce sits at a smoked glass and chrome table, opposite her 4 anxious executives wait for her reaction to the PowerPoint presentation... Up on the screen flashes the new London 2012 logo. The eldest of the executives, a pale man in a grey pin stripe suit, leans forward and asks "So Cayce, what do you feel?"
Cayce glances back at the screen and replies... "Nothing, nothing what so ever.".

I love this quote on the 2012 website...

"The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible. It will work with new technology and across traditional and new media networks."

I guess they mean it can be printed or put on a screen... Pretty cleaver huh? It seems to me that the company who came up with the logo (Wolff Olins) are better at selling logos than they are at designing them.  £400,000 for a crap logo... With this sort of spending no wonder the original budget of £2.375 billion is now at £9.3 billion.

Right now I want someone to point out it looks like a Cantonese character with a very rude meaning.

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