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Well plans seem to be coming together. Neil will come and give me a hand between the 2nd and 6th of July... although if I haven't got most of the moving done by then I'm going to be cutting it rather fine. Perhaps he can give me a hand decorating the room or putting a new bath in. I've checked the tax situation and that seems OK... May run it by the accountant anyway.

Then Monday I have to hit the ground running.

I've made a list of what needs doing and it takes a while just to read it... Gulp... What have I taken on?

Still at least I can tell my uncle when I see him... He's freaked out if he has to go shopping one day then let the meter man in the next, that will throw him out for the whole week.  I'll show him the list and what I've been doing, it will blow his mind.

Tomorrow I'm off to sunny Swindon to see R.J. and Emma... Sue may be there too.

Wasn't Doctor Who good tonight? Really rather creepy I thought.
Don't blink!

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