Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Went to see RJ today. Just got home, talked to Angel... Jamie is making remarkable recovery :-)

I got up at 6am this morning just to get out of the London area before the rush 3 hours started, was down in Swindon by 8ish. So wandered around Swindon's soulless shopping centre waiting for RJ to finish work. Went in the pound shop and got two Rudolf Valentino DVDs and two Bela Lugosi DVDs for a pound each!

Also had a wander around the outlet centre but this is pretty much townie heaven and I'm please when RJ texts and I head over to his place.

Plan of campaign today is go to Lechlade on an antique hunt and pub lunch. I end up getting a very nice brass and cast iron Bunsen burner for my old lab equipment collection.

Ended up back at RJs around 4:30 and we retired to the library to snooze away the rest of the afternoon in comfy armchairs, Emma arrived home and snapped us both back into the here and now (there and then). A flurry of cat feeding activity then a people feeding frenzy with a fine stir fry. Pretty soon it was time for me to jump into the silver machine and head back to Twickers.

May have to take mum to hospital tomorrow :-( Will have to see what her GP says.

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