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You don't have to be on LJ to live here... But it helps

bird_mad_girl  moved in last night. Typically it was pouring with rain as we unloaded the van. I'm not sure if there are more boots or animals in the flat now.

Today I'm off up t'north (Enfield) to meet my uncle for lunch. Just checked the Transport for London Web site and the Journey Planner shows a list of Interchanges that looks something like this

Then later I'm meeting Dr Alan to go and see Ken Campbell. He so should of played The Doctor... Ken Campbell not Dr Alan... although on reflection I can see Alan as Doctor Who.

Just looking at the week ahead... this time next week I'll be on my way to the US. All this rushing around has certainly made the last 23 days wizz by. I still have a pile of stuff to do, and more importantly, I want to meet up with everyone before I jet off for 5 weeks.

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