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Got up early yesterday and went for a swim, then headed off to Swindon to see R.J.

Dreadful drive home, took two and a half hours to get back. Saw a five car pile-up on the A34... Now the news has broken that hundreds of drivers have paid others to take their test for them, I am slightly less mystified as to why people just don't seem to know how to drive.

Got home and really needed to unwind so headed off to the pub with LA.

Came home and called Ari. It seems Dr Bibbles has been missing for 3 weeks. She didn't want to upset me so didn't tell me... Probably wise because my reaction to missing cats is to call in ground and air search teams and if that doesn't work we make an example of a few local suspects. Looks as if Dr Bibbles got locked in somewhere because he's back but very skinny. He's off to the vet this morning for a check-up.

The new laptop has arrived and right now I am removing or disabling all the unnecessary bundled software... and installing the stuff I want.

Need to get more $s today so may wander up to Thomas Cook later.

Had wanted to go to Kensal Green Cemetery, open day tomorrow. But I am really running out of time before I have to be off to Texas.

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