Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

In other news...

Ari got a laser pointer for cat amusement. Most of the cats think it's much fun, apart from Murderface (yes that's his name) who runs away when he sees the little red dot near him. Maybe he thinks it's a laser sight and a burst of automatic gun fire is about to ensue.

Uncle Nemesis tells me, amongst other things, that there is a spaceship currently sitting on a large portion of central London, there is large hole in his bathroom floor, and his plumbing activities are getting quite drastic. Not sure if any of these things are a: connected or b: true. However I do feel that Unx should be encouraged to post a few DIY pix on his LJ, he is thinking about it and I'm keen to see just how much damage he has done progress he has made in the bathroom.

Oh and talking of Unx I must say I'm really into this "nu-chyk electro" music.

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