Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I think I've done the last of the varnishing in the hall. I hope so because the fumes are doing my head in.

Next I start on the emulsion on the walls. Can't do two of the walls because I'm waiting for the most expensive light switches in the world to arrive.

Just realised I have to do clear varnish on 5 doors. D'oh!
Also need to:

Hang kitchen door. Got lucky on this as one of my neighbours was throwing out a door. Last time I saw one in a salvage yard it was £70, got it stripped for £20. That reminds me there's a skip up the road with a load of Victorian floor boards sticking out of it. May go skip diving later.

Find lock and hinges I have for this door somewhere.

Get locks of cupboard doors.

Make curtains for hall.

Oh bugger! I'm not even halfway finished...

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