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Trip up to see Cliff was OK and I didn't feel too tired. Got there in about two hours. Went Moorgate to Gordon Hill and have vague memories of doing that trip, with my dad when I was a kid, to visit my grandfather and Cliff.

Long story short... Cliff is very popular with the staff and is in remarkably good spirits. He is either in denial, or the medication is keeping just the right amount of reality at bay. He is very ill, cancer's got a hold and it's pretty much everywhere. He's in no pain at all, thanks to the palliative team. I stayed for two hours and we chatted about this and that... he lost the plot a few times but for the most part he's pretty with it. He even told me to rest tomorrow and come back Wednesday because I "looked a little run down". Because of the MRSA I had to wear a disposable apron, should of worn rubber gloves but they didn't have any big enough for me (I will take my own from now on) and scrub my hands with nasty gel.

Talked with one of his doctors and got the whole story, was so tired I just wanted to breakdown and cry... but kept it together as I didn't want to upset Cliff. Cutting to the chase, he's got 2 months at the most.

I am going to go to his flat and pick a few things up for him Wednesday morning. It's his birthday on Thursday.

Got back from the hospital. Lee Anne had left a huge pot of Chilli for me so warmed that up and had a bowl full before crashing out.

Woke up 5 hours later and had no idea where I was.

I'm now worried I won't be able to visit Dave in hospital because of the risk of taking MRSA in. Will call and ask advice tomorrow.


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