Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I have a question...

Is the track "Lord Lucan is Missing", on the long playing record "The Worst Of Black Box Recorder", a cover of "The Dodgems" song?

This is prompted by the unexpected arrival this morning of a Sarah Nixey single, and my subsequent perusing of the young lady's discography on her interweb pages.

If it is the a cover of "The Dodgems" song, and if is done with the same wit and sparkle that this latest cover... I want to hear it. If I hadn't hadn't opened my tax bill this morning I'd be ordering the entire back catalogue... Hmmm... however the tax isn't due until January, now where is my credit card?

I wonder who sent me this CD. Who ever it was must of got Uncle Nemesis to address the package because I just scanned the hand writing into Google Graphology and the only match on their data base was Unx.

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