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Went to Surbiton today. Only got lost once... The signposts that side of the river are useless! Reason for visit, meet and shop with glamgothruthy Having arrived in Surbiton I rang Ruth and was advised Ruth would not be ready for a while. So I said I'd find a cafe and she could call me when she was ready and I'd tell her where I was. Spookily just as I was composing a text message to explain which cafe I was in... Ruth walked in. I think Ruth has a feed into her flat from all the CCTV cameras in Surbiton.

Surbiton... I vaguely remember being there before. I have this distant memory of seeing "Cry No More" there about 50,000,000 years ago. Didn't think I was going to find much at in the charity shops but I was pleasantly surprised... Got a tweed jacket for my Gardener part in Victorian murder mystery thing. I really want to be a Victorian Gent but life is full of disappointments. Also Ruth spotted a Cyberdog skirt. Which I suggested may make a small profit on ebay. Ruth suggested I get it and I did, the charity shop ladies of Surbiton will talk for years to come in hushed voices of the day a man purchased a skirt.. Blue not being my colour I will be selling it on ebay. Also got a huge black curtain which may end up lining some velvet curtains or even as a quilt cover.

Did a brief spot of bicycle advice. It's a Schrader valve Ruth. Also got to see the Ruth Goth Archives! This collection has got to be put online as a resource for those too drunk to remember. Anyway fun afternoon and hope to persuade Ruth to come across the water to tryout the Twickers charity shops.

Headed home right into the dreaded school run. D'oh!

Hung two doors in the hall tonight. Also started to offer up a third door and BUM! it's going to mean moving a light switch. Fine :-(

Had a spot of fun making one of those animated faces on Bud Light site... Decided not to save it as I had a certain person, who has followers who don't mind who they kill, saying some pretty saucy stuff. I'm sure there will be no shortage of people braver than me. There are gonna be loads of George W Bush ones. I'd love the code behind this. Free night out with me if you can get it for me*.

Going to settle down with a curry a beer and a DVD now. Very busy day tomorrow so I hope to be asleep by 3am.

*Mark Rimmell to chose venue, date and duration of prize. No cash alternative. No purchase necessary.


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