Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Wednesday night there was a visit to the Grant Zoological museum... I seemed mostly to be LVG members so I may have crashed a LVG event... Oooops! But as an email advertising the visit found it's way into my in box I won't feel too bad. Rather impressed with the museum... although I do have a thing about small museums.

Got to meet LJ friend, Sally Who I guess now moves over into my RL friend category.

Today I paid in some cheques for my uncle, only some CO OP dividends.

Decided to drive up to see him rather than take the train, bus, tube, train, bus, bus... I was so early I had to pop into an antique village for coffee and accidentally purchased an Albert chain ... Stop sniggering it's for my watch.

Cliff was asleep and I was going to sit there and read... However the nurse woke him and he was really pleased to see me. We chatted about the weather about 5 times, but between that if I kept him on the subject of the past he was pretty on the ball. We were talking about his old recordings of the family he made on a reel to reel tape recorder my dad built from a kit back in the 1950s. I said I could probably transfer those recordings onto CD for him... He told me he thought the tape recorded sill worked and did I think I could manage to take it home on the bus. So when I went over to check his post later I picked up this...

My dad's ipod

The tapes weren't where he remembered but after a quick rummage through some boxes I found them... and a lot of other strange things, including some lethal looking 1950s power tools.

Later I went over to see Ian and Gemma. Where I think I frightened Gemma with my Devil may care house buying advice. But despite that we all went off to Wembley for a curry, OK we didn't know some English guys and some Germans had booked that big place for a bit of a kick about. I had heard that England were playing Germany but as soon as the words "foot" and "ball" are mentioned my mind switches over to something less dull, like imagining paint drying. The up shot was we were a bit surprised to find herds of bellowing footie fans wandering towards the temple of banality. However Ian found a parking space and we got curry (DAMN FINE CURRY!) and we got out of Wembley before the end of the match.

I had planned to stop over at Ian's but as we didn't hit the beer as we'd planned I decided to come home and avoid the traffic in the morning.

tomorrow... the plan is pick up Dave and take him over to my storage unit... Ah! the fun never stops ;-)

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