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Home again, home again...

Been out and about today. Breakfast with Dave, lunch with Dave... Went to the new storage unit of Doooooom! Picked up my grandfather's chair and took it to be stripped. Called Cliff had long chat while I was on the train.

Went up to London, dropped in on Murder-One on a new Sherlock book quest but couldn't find anything that inspired me. Then on to Treadwells for a rather splendid.
talk on the Roma of Transylvania.

A welcome distraction. And at the risk of sounding like "ooo poor little me" I need some input that isn't depressing. I am not the one dying of cancer so I feel like a bit (a lot) of an arse hole for feeling like it's all about me. However I really am getting fed up with seeing people I love dying... must stop drinking while I'm in this sort of mood. Probably should stop drinking full stop.

Did something else this afternoon... Hope it provides no unpleasant surprises.

Ever played chess and got to a point where you can see a few moves ahead and it's all going to go wrong, so you do something strange like sacrifice your queen just to make it less predictable?

That's what I feel like doing.

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