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Today's visit with my uncle was fun. I smuggled in a Guinness for him, he's permitted one by his Doctor. However I was under orders from the doctor to hide it from the other patients. So there I was in the car park decanting a can of the black stuff into a washed out Coke bottle. Pleased to say it brought a smile to Cliff's face.

Came home via his flat, found the mains plug for the tape recorder. And brought home some of his old 78s to put onto CD for him.

I may have to take up Mr North on his very kind offer to copy the tapes because the tape recorder really isn't very well. The drive belts are stretched and probably very perished and although all the lights come on there's not much more than a crackle coming out of the speaker. I do have one trick up my sleeve first... I've asked a friend if he will sell or lend me his old Reel to Reel, as I know it was stuck at the back of a cupboard when I last asked about it.

I am off to see R.J. tomorrow.

Tuesday I will haul some stuff out of the living room over to the storage unit so I can get to my record decks and start putting some of Cliff's old time dance hall hits on to CD... Or I may get him a simple MP3 player... I could probably fit the lot onto a 4Gb player.

Right now I fancy a bath with a good book and a glass of wine.

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