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Back from the wedding.

All went well. Church amazing. 800 years old and doesn't look a day over 700.

Strange inscription on grave in church yard... More on that later... when I've unpacked and sorted out my photos.

Bride looked stunning, groom seemed happy as Larry... was it the drink? was it the Ferrari? Nah... it was because he married my cousin.

Came home to cryptic message from the hospital... Seems they want to discharge my uncle... Well I am sure as hell he isn't going home so I guess it's to what they keep calling "a nursing home".

Quite why they didn't call my mobile number is a mystery... Well not really a mystery because they do seem a tad disorganised at that hospital. When I gave them my phone numbers for the umpteenth time the Doctor was wondering where to write them down in my uncle's notes... "Errr you don't have a box on the front page for next of kin details?"... Very strange.

After dropping off my car for service and MOT (more money) tomorrow, I will head over to the hospital and see what's going on.

Missed Nora at the wedding because her dad isn't well... Just tried calling... no answer... So I'm worried about him as well.

More later.

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