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Saturday morning, it's party time tonight and I wake up a 6 am! Packed up a whole load of stuff VCR, various Louise Brooks NTSC tapes, spare underwear, hard disk drive, beer into car and headed off to ian_wyrdness place.

Thought I'd be waking him up but I find he's been up for ages. I drop VCR, various Louise Brooks NTSC tapes, spare underwear, hard disk drive, beer on his living room floor and we head off to Tottenham Court Road computer fair. I get DVD-Rs to replace the DVD-ARSE I got a couple of weeks ago.

We eventually head back to his place and I crash out in the spare room after we fail to get his video camera to capture NTSC. Wake up and Ian's installed new CPU in his Linux box and booked cab to get us to James and Lisa's party.

Party loads of fun. Drank loads, eat far too much lovely junk food. Watch friends get slowly drunk. I felt totally sober despite loads of booze. I may as well give up the drink it doesn't do any thing for me in anything but huge quantities. Excellent party anyway. James and Lisa's cats have got bigger. James is now the proud owner of a silver and jet Whitby "X" broach for having attended all the WGWs.
He also got something else but I'm not sure this is for public knowledge.

Sunday. Get home and find Whitby tickets have arrived and momentarily get all excited then I remember I'm not going this April and they are for Pete :-(

Went out for cycle, left in bright sunshine, came home in blizzard. Hands still hurt from holding handlebars in cold. Yes I wore gloves.

Clear up kitchen then work on Hopefully this will sort out the navigation problem in non IE - NS browsers.

The big clap of thunder I mentioned earlier brought more snow. Mad weather. Saw ducklings in Bushy Park on Friday. Ducklings in February? That's gotta be wrong?

Well it's after midnight and I survived the extra day in February avoiding proposals of marriage. Phew!

Did you know? Every year divisible by 4 is a leap year however every year divisible by 100 isn't a leap year but if the year can be divided by 400, then it's a leap year.

If we could only slow the Earth's orbit by about 6 hours a year we could do with out all this fuss and bother.

First of the new DVD-Rs checked out OK. Thank you Mr Ritek.

What's happening this week?

Got to tke my dad to hospital.

Go for long cycle with Marcus.

Haujobb and The Chaos Engine on Friday... Hmmm do I drive or train it?

Also need to fit in another charity shop rummage this week. Looking for more costume stuff.

I think I'm getting a cold :-(


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