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Things seem to be coming together.

Went to see the solicitor this morning and there my be some good news... It looks as if pretty much all the expenses will be covered. I may know more Friday.

My new bed arrived.

I have just been to order a new mattress, which will arrive on Sunday.

I need to pay in a cheque this afternoon and set up a mail redirect for my uncle's post.

I also need to put the new bed together, make space in my bedroom, move my bike back into the hall, clear up and clean the kitchen, speak to the minister about tomorrow's service, try and blag an upgrade out of 02 (I want a N95), build a bed base, go on the goff boat trip, start cataloguing the books in the hall, call Enfield council, call the gas company...

Looks as if I won't be getting away any time soon :-(

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