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I'm going to write this and go to bed.

Last night I decided to try and sort out the cross platform problems Ian had found on Bronze Age Craft I found a new script that looked promising and set to work customising it for the navigation bar on BAC. Had a bit of a worry to day when Ian said it still wouldn't work on a Mac. ARSE! But it may be sorted (see last entry) so I can sleep tonight.

Went round to see piercedandproud this afternoon and found bird_mad_girl off work sick (hope you're feeling better). They were writing out dozens of cheques to loads of lucky Goths. Seems it's pay day at GenerationXtras.

Finally got around to watching League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tonight... I started nodding off. I found it pretty dull. Should of been so much better, could of sparked off a whole load of steampunk films.

Got a book of new Sherlock Holmes stories today. One seems promising where Holmes disguises himself a Baroness. Not sure why he has take this most singular action yet. Could it be to solve a case? Or just because he likes the feel of a new corset? So far Watson hasn't worked out who the strange lady at 221b is...

Much painting planed for tomorrow, I have to stay in for Parcel Farce anyway so may as well try and get on with the hall. I've really gone off DIY.


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