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If my name was "John Smith" the coincidence would hardly be worth mentioning.

It's not every day that one receives an email from Mark Rimmell, especially if you happen to be Mark Rimmell. Or perhaps more accurately I should say "a Mark Rimmell".

My namesake has been in touch. I've been aware of another Mark Rimmell for a while, he appears in the credits of quite a few period films and TV series as set decorator or property buyer. Because of my interest in Victoriana more than a couple of times people have thought he was me, or I was he.

Seems he (the other Mark Rimmell) stumbled across my Website and commented on this part of my LJ profile.
"I am some what obsessed with the late 19th Century and despite living in a 1930s flat have done my best to give it the feel of a gentleman's apartment of the 1890s, see here. I have the strong suspicion that somewhere there is a man living in a 1890 flat who is obsessed with the 1930s."
It seems I have found the man living in a 1890 flat who is obsessed with the 1930s.... but I never suspected his name would also be "Mark Rimmell".

Now it gets strange... The other day I was watching something I recorded a while back... while I was fast forwarding through the DVD-R I noticed some nice architecture... It was part of a programme about a British couple looking at property for sale in Hungary... unfortunately I hadn't recorded all of the programme but I started day dreaming of selling up and disappearing to Budapest, because it looked wonderful and selling a London flat would of given me a fair amount of buying power in Hungary. Being in an odd mood due to the recent loss off my uncle and other things... I even went as far as looking for a Hungarian language course on CD.

Guess where the other Mark Rimmell lives? No prizes, because let's face it, I wouldn't of mentioned the above if he lived in Brighton.

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